Community Package

school solar class

As an Eco Lodge, we feel that community based tourism is essential in order to ensure that our local friends benefit from our existence.
We have also found that the majority of our guests have had some fantastic experiences simply spending days with the locals in the surrounding villages.

Bearing this in mind, we now offer a number of local community based activities for our visitors enjoyment, which, at the same time, is helping many local people earn a few dollars and enabling them to provide for their families.

The activities which we offer will give you a true taste of life in Dominica, as seen by a Dominican, and will be an experience which we are sure you will never forget, giving you not only an insight into true village life, but almost certainly helping you to make friends with and give some help to some of the gentlest and friendliest people around.

This package lasts 7 days, it includes 5 nights accommodation in your choice of accommodation at the eco lodge, and you will stay 1 night in a family home in our local village. Grand Fond.

You will follow this itinerary, approximately:

  • Day 1 : Arrive and transfer to 3 Rivers.
  • Day 2 : ½ day touring local natural agro processing plant, making breadnut and plantaine chips, followed by ½ day helping out in the local village primary school : getting to know the kids, and sharing experiences with them and giving general assistance. Click here to see the chips factory tour pictures on facebook.
  • Day 3 : Coffee and coco picking, peeling, fermenting and drying on two local plantations, followed by preparing and roasting ; take some home at the end of the day !!
  • Day 4 : A day assisting with eco tourist trail development to local waterfalls and sites of interest.
    • Free day.
    • Renewable energy workshop.
    • Reggae band practice.
    • Traditional dance or music classes.
    • ½ day harvesting coconuts & bamboo, then ½ day learning to make crafts with them.
  • Day 6 : Local guided hike to some stunning natural spots.
  • Day 7 : Depart for airport / ferry terminal.