Our Story

jem inston

My name is Jem Winston, born & raised in south east England. I built, own and manage, 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge. I first discovered Dominica in 1990, during my years of backpacking, in my early 20’s, and fell in love with the place instantly. That love has never faded, and I am proud now to also be a Dominican.

After my backpacking days were over, I returned to England to save to buy land in Dominica, to fulfil my dream of living in The Nature Island of The Caribbean, Dominica. I drove a taxi for a few years, doing several other little jobs on the side, saving and saving. During this time my brother expressed an interest in joining the project, making it a real possibility.

So it began, on an overgrown banana plantation, in a remote part, of a remote island in the Caribbean; now my home, The Commonwealth of Dominica.

3 rivers eco lodge BEFORE BUILDING
3 rivers eco lodge AFTER BUILDING
3 rivers eco lodge AFTER BUILDING

Finally we moved to Dominica at the end of 2001, and work began on clearing the land, in preparation for building. By the end of that year, 3 Rivers Eco Lodge opened with one cottage, Rose, and a small restaurant/bar, as well as the foundations for 4 more lodges and what is now the two storey Ocean View Cottage and Lime Apartment. All of the infrastructure was set, and by the time our money was spent, sometime in 2003, we had 3 cottage accommodation to rent, our home (now known as Ocean View), and the restaurant/bar.

Soon after opening my brother left the business to pursue his teaching career and I stayed to run the Lodge. At that time he became a silent partner in the business.

In 2004, some of the forest at the back of 3 Rivers went up for sale. In order to prevent the area from continued logging (which had begun), and for the feeling, the honour, and the responsibility of owning some real rainforest, I decided to buy a piece of the jungle at the back of 3 Rivers Eco Lodge. Thus establishing Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge in harmony with the original 3 Rivers, providing bamboo tree houses and Carib Indian Thatch Cabins in the rainforest.

Then, in 2009, my brother and business partner got married and he decided to sell his half of the original 3 Rivers. And so, in 2009, half of the original property was sold to our current neighbours.

Myself and my most excellent team of local staff are proud to say that today, Our Eco Lodge, my half of the original 3 Rivers, together with the forest portion of land, is a true back to nature experience: Offering a range of activities for all, and a variety of cool and sustainable accommodations, in incredible natural surroundings, safe and secluded in the jungle.

From the beginning, the idea was to create the ideal getaway, respecting the environment and working closely with the locals to create an ambience that is a mixture of cultures, where people on any budget can enjoy the natural wonders of Dominica, whilst minimizing the environmental impact and aiding the sustainable development of the local community. The project is a mix of ideas I saw in my travelling days, my own initiatives, and the thoughts and ideas of our staff and visitors over the years.

Together with an excellent team of local workers, 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge is now receiving a steadily growing flow of guests and eco awards for our environmental work.

I hope that you will enjoy 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, and all the wondrous beauty that this incredible island has to offer.