Organic Animal Farm

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3 Rivers Organic Farm is growing! As well as the food we have growing in the soil and on the trees, we also have a fast growing number of livestock to ensure our long term sustainability.

We have loads of fruit trees, plenty of root veggies, and various other vegetables according to the season. We are not vegetarian but believe that the food we eat should live a good life, and do not like mass meat production. To ensure the good quality of life and meat, we have farm as much of our own meat as well as our own fruits and veggies.

GOATS : We only have a few goats at the moment. Magnus is the proud father of Gloria, who’s mother is Macey, sister of Maggie. Soon we plan to begin steady production of goat’s cheese and milk, as well as eventually providing a regular supply of goat meat for the restaurant.

CHICKENS We have a fast growing number of chickens, providing daily fresh eggs and good tasty organic chicken when we’re hungry.

RABBITS Originally Stu and Betsy were to provide rabbit meat for the dinner table. But we don’t think we can do that now cos we love the too much, so maybe we’ll just have a lot of rabbits around the place. We’ll see……..

DONKEY¬† Gary our donkey, is the farm’s transport system and grass cutter, and provides great ingredients for the compost heap, as do all of our animals. Don’t worry Gary s a worker not a meal !!!