ocean view garden

3 Rivers is set in 9.5 acres of land, so there is enough space to grow plenty of food.

In keeping with our environmental policies, all of our gardens are organic, benefiting regularly from a rotating compost bin system. We have planted an abundance of trees, mostly fruit bearing, flowers, plants and have vegetable plots dotted all around the site.

Each cottage is set in its own large, organic garden, and we have planted a wide variety of fruits, vegetable and flowers in each one, giving the rooms plenty of privacy. The heavily laden fruit trees attract a wide variety of birds to the garden.

Click here to listen to the songs of 82 birds we have recorded around the island!

We have planted a huge variety of trees, plants and flowers, and so if you wish to see how different things are grown and what the plants or trees look like 3 Rivers is a good place to learn and enjoy. Many of our plants and trees are labelled, so you can take a gentle educational stroll around the garden

We use our compost to provide nourishment for our gardens, and various forms of organic pest control, using some of our crops to deter the pests, such as papaya to attract the slugs away from the greens, and seasoning pepper and garlic spray to deter other bugs.

Many of the vegetables we eat are grown on our land, and as time goes on, we hope to be completely self-sufficient with regards to fruit and vegetables. There are also a large number of vines all around, from passion fruit, to cucumber and christophine.