Day Tours & Excursions

waterfall dropping into the sea

Take the hassle out of your trip, on one of our exciting day tours and see the best spots in Dominica, with all your food, drinks and entrance fees included.
Free up, relax, and let us help you discover Dominica.

Prices fully inclusive, in US$ per person, based on minimum 2 people, 


We recommend advance reservations to avoid disappointment.


THE EMERALD POOL – The Emerald Pool is not far from 3 Rivers and involves nothing difficult at all. A simple walk through the forest to a small, pleasant waterfall and pool. A relaxing stroll to begin the day, in stunning surroundings.

CASTLE BRUCE BEACH : After the freshwater, it is time to splash in the lively ocean at Castle Bruce beach, followed by lunch at a nearby local restaurant.

Then on through the Carib / Kalinago Territory, taking a short hike to ‘l’escalier de tete chien’, a formation of rock in the form of a snake, jutting out into the Ocean, believed to protect The Kalinago people from invaders.

THE KALINAGO CARIB MODEL VILLAGE : Then visit the traditional Kalinago cultural village by the sea and see local people making their arts and crafts, and learn the history and culture of the Kalinago (Dominica’s indigenous population) people. Here we will taste the Kalinago culinary delights for lunch. Then finish the day with a meandering drive through the central forest reserve, taking in some of the best forest views Dominica has to offer.



MACOUCHERIE RUM FACTORY : Start the day the Dominica way, discover the secrets of Dominica’s famous rum, see how it is made and sample its yummy taste !!

INDIAN RIVER : A lethargic boat ride up the Indian River is an incredible way to spend an afternoon. The river runs from Portsmouth, in the West, deep into Morne Diablotin. The river lies just below sea level and so the water is a mixture of fresh water and salt water. Glide through the mangroves and wetlands in the paddle boat, with a very knowledgeable guide who can enlighten you on the incredible flora and fauna en route. At the end of the ride there is an excellent restaurant, hidden deep away in the jungle, serving delicious local delicacies and extremely strong home made rum punch. Beware !!

CABRITZ NATIONAL PARK & FORT SHIRLEY : After chilling out on the river boat ride, meander the footpaths of the recently rennovated and restored Cabritz National Park and Fort Shirley. Discover the fascinating and sometime bloody history of the island, and understand how it has become the incredibly diverse nation that it is today



THE TITOU GAUGE – Start this incredible water tour with a cool swim through the Titou Gorge, which was featured in the Pirates of The Caribbean movie. As you make your way through the cave like gauge, Eventually you reach a beautiful fresh waterfall tumbling into the gauge with great pressure. As you leave the gauge, freshen up in the warm sulphur water dripping into the end of the gauge.

TRAFALGAR FALLS –Then, after a short drive across the valley, visit two stunning waterfalls at Trafalgar, with a viewing platform after a ten minute, very easy, walk. After that follow the rocky path to some hot pools in a warm river, and then climb the rocks, if you are able, to bath in the ice cold pool beneath the falls. Each of the falls is incredible and unique, and there are quite a few different pools for bathing.

TI KWEN GLO CHO HOT TUBS & MUDBATHS : Hidden a beautiful little valley in the heights of Wotton Waven is “Ti Kwen Glo Cho”, an organic haven blessed with incredible amounts of amazing water. As well as hot springs and a waterfall the owner, a young Dominican entrepreneur, has used local bamboo to pipe the hot sulphur water directly into some cool little hot-tubs. Get in, relax, and feel the stress disappear. They also has a small sulphur mud bath bubbling away in one corner of the land perfect for some good dirty fun. Here you will have a traditional lunch cooked on the coal pot and open fire by your hosts.



Champagne reef snorkelling, Scotts Head, Soufriere Hot Springs.


DIVING– 2 tanks 2 dives, including taxi transport

Dominica is one of the top diving destinations in the world and so diving or snorkelling are definitely the best ways to appreciate the full glory of our waters. At night, the Dominica calm caribbean waters are home to a frenzy of nocturnal activity ; a night of diving is another experience altogether !

We offer a 2 tank, 2 dive tour for certified divers, or for a taste of what the sea has to offer, a fun dive for beginners is a good option. You will have a qualified instructor with you at all times.

For the more serious divers, complete PADI certified diving courses and packages are available, including full board at 3 Rivers, with all courses and equipment included. We work closely with an excellent dive centre in Salisbury, who offer special rates to our guests.


WHALE WATCHING : afternoon boat tour including taxi transport & rum punch

So far, 22 different species of whales and dolphins have been identified in the Dominica’s waters, including a 59 foot sperm whale and some pretty large migratory singing humpbacked whales, which have two blowholes on the top of their heads forming a balloon-shaped spout. You may get lucky and see both on the same day.

Our tour includes refreshments and you are sure to have a great day out at sea. Obviously, there can be no guarantee of a sighting, but the whale watching tour operators reckon you have a 90% chance of success.


… if all this is too much, just relax and enjoy the natural beauty of 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge