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Bamboo Tree House Gomiere Lodge Camping


tree housebamboo treehouse accommodationSeperated by a 15 minutes steep uphill hike away from 3 Rivers :deep into the heart of the Rosalie rainforest, is our more rustic partner accommodations at Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge. More natural, more eco, and even closer to nature.

A reasonable level of fitness is required for forest roomns



gomiere lodge

All bed sheets and linen are provided for private rooms and the dormitory guests.


We also offer camping hostel facilities in the forest area.
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Camping Facilities

In the Forest there are communal toilets and showers close to the camping areas.


nature trail to jungle lodge

The Forest accommodation is set deep in the Rosalie jungle, and provides an incredibly unique experience to be at one with nature. The trail to reach them is a mixture of steep steps and uphill, wide, windy trails and takes about 15 minutes on foot from the main lodge, to total seclusion and tranquillity.

A reasonable level of fitness is required.

forest hotel accommodation wind turbine in rosalie jungle dominica

Each building is rustic and comfortable, and has an electric light, powered by a wind turbine which is mounted 100 feet up in the trees over the rainforest canopy.
The water supply for the forest is collected rainwater.

The tree househas its own private washroom, with shower and state of the art composting toilets

forest hotel accommodation composting toilet in rosalie jungle dominica

For other guests, there are some communal showers, toilets and washrooms around the rpoperty, never far from where you are sleeping. One shower is made from re-used water storage tank.

There is also a communal kitchen, available for everyone, where cooking can be done on the traditional coalpot, the fireplace provided, or on a couple of gas rings for the less adventurous guests!.

There are communal composting toilets, with all the necessary amenities ! Fresh drinking water is provided through a ceramic filter in the kitchen. All we ask is that you keep the noise to a minimum in order not to disturb the diverse jungle wildlife that you will surely see during your stay. But relax, there is nothing there that can harm you !