Marceline Laurence Family homestay

Marcelline & Ivan Laurence family homestay

The Lawrence family, Marcelline, her husband Ivan, and their daughter Gracie, lives in the village of Freyal close to Riviere Cyriques, Dominica.
The family has a local farm that produces bananas, cocoa, coffee, spice (cinnamon) and other crops, and this is where Ivan spends much of his time. Gracie is a primary school teacher in nearby Morne Jaune and Marcelline spends much of her time gardening and maintaining the home. Gracie loves to go to the beach/river, watch tv. and the family often relaxes in the living room during the evenings to watch television or to have conversations. Meals are usually taken together. Please note: this is a non-smoking and non-alcoholic household. The family normally goes to Pentacostal church on Sunday mornings from about 10:30am

The Lawrence family lives in a modern 3 bedroom 1 level home and have television, a telephone, running water,  internet service,  iron and a washing machine. The available bedroom is spacious and comfortable. he bathroom is equipped with hot water, a bathroom sink and toilet. It is also spacious enough.

The roads leading to the home are all well paved and motorable. The yard is mostly covered with grass. There is also a chicken coop where Ivan raises chicken to obtain eggs to sell. Our home is surrounded by lovely neighbours.

The room is large enough to accommodate at least up to two or more people providing that they are all related in some way or another.