Home stay Terms & Conditions

Homestay General Information:

Homestay price includes dinner and breakfast with the host family

The cost is US$75 per person, including tax.

Issues, concerns and suggestions should be expressed to 3 Rivers Eco Lodge or the host family as they arise

Host Families Provide:

Meals (Dinner and Breakfast) *

Clean & private accommodations

Clean towels & sheets

Access to bathroom

Conversation and guest inclusion (interaction is important!)

* Vegetarians or special needs can be catered to – the guest must inform us at the time of booking of any special dietary needs; failure to do so may result in these needs not being met, and will be entirely the responsibility of the guest, who will not be entitled to compensation or refund.

Other Information:

If a guest(s) requests any services beyond what the Homestay programme provides (e.g. craft instruction, guided tours, etc.) then it is up to the host family and the guest to agree upon the terms of these services before they are rendered including, for example, payments and time periods. 3 Rivers Eco Lodge cannot be held responsible for any outside arrangements made directly between the host and the guest, so families are expected to use their own discretion in such matters and guests are expected to make sure they are willing to pay for any additional services requested.

If the host offers any service or anything else to the guest for which they expect payment, it must be explained beforehand that there is a fee. Failure to explain to the guest that there is a price, may result in non payment for that service, at the discretion of the guest. 3 Rivers cannot be help responsible for any outside services arranged directly between the host and the guest.

* HOMESTAY GUESTS: Please remember that you are invited as guests into someone’s home and not in a hotel. The families involved in this program are volunteers who are excited to be welcoming you into their lives and homes. The host family will make every effort to meet your needs and ensure you have a happy stay in their home, but please understand that they are not trained hotel staff.