Volunteer Programme

Since the beginning of 2004, 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest has been welcoming volunteer workers from around the globe. The arrangement has proved to be mutually beneficial. Our excellent local staff do a great job running the lodge,and you would be expected to fit into the small, but happy and efficient team.

Our volunteers / interns are expected to work about 30 hours a week (4 or 5 days), which is normally a mix of kitchen, garden, office and building duties, and general help around the lodge.

Depending on your particular skills, and our particular needs at the time, will determine exactly which work you do during your stay. You will also be asked to share what knowledge and experience you have with our small team of cool staff. Often you may need to be going to the local village, half hour steep hike from here, to shop for your supplies, to organize or attend meetings on the lodge’s behalf. In the office it may be bookings and reservations, reception, and customer information.

There is a volunteer garden that is in need of some attention, a customer communal kitchen behind the restaurant; you are free to use either to cook your meals.

All volunteers and interns get at least two full days off per week, and it is not likely that your days off will be the same as the other one or two volunteers that might be here at the same time.

In exchange we offer a bed in the dormitory or a tent if you want privacy, and the opportunity to join excursions for free. Food /meals ares NOT included. If you wish to drink alcohol or bottled drinks you pay staff price.

Provided there are no problems, you would be welcome to stay as long as you like, depending on volunteering availability. The minimum stay is one month, unless there is a major problem which cannot fix.

Our power supply is limited, and internet time is sometimes restricted to ensure enough power for the guests. If this will be a problem for you, then our place is not for you.

You will need to be keen to learn and understand our environmental work, as most of our guests enjoy discussing our systems and learning how they work. They look to all of our staff to be able to explain things to them.

Many of our volunteers so far have also taken on their own little project to leave their mark on the lodge. If you have any ideas or suggestions for little projects or improvements that suit your particular skills; and hopefully you enjoy, then let us know and it can most probably happen!

If you are interested, now it is time to read our Volunteer’s handbook!

So far, we have welcomed the following volunteers :