Solar Power


All of the electricity used at 3 Rivers is currently provided by the sun and the wind.

We have an array of solar panels giving us around 800 watts of power, together with a wind turbine with a maximum output of 1500 watts. Although this is limited, we use low powered electrical appliances and have found it to be amply sufficient for our current needs. Guests should have no problem using their own electrical appliances, but we ask them to inform us if they are planning to do so, in order for us to make sure that not everyone is pulling big power all at once.

The power provided by the systems in place here at 3 rivers is 240 voilts, Dominica standard, with the 3 pin square power outlets the same as those used in the UK. If your is different, bring the necessary adapters and transformers with you. A 110 volt appliance cannot work here without a transformer!

We also use the sun to pump water for the hotel from one our adjacent rivers. This 24 volt solar slowpump is powered by two panels and is capable of pumping 1000 gallons in less than four hours of moderate sunshine. Even on a cloudy day the pump still works sufficiently for our requirements. The river we use is crystal clear and we test the water regularly in the laboratory to ensure it’s continued cleanliness. The water passes through a filter before being pushed up the hillside to our holding tank, from where it drops down to the cottages using gravity.

One of the beauties of 3 Rivers is the night sky, and so outside lighting is of the utmost importance. We want you to find your way around, but we do not wish to spoil your view of the stars. Therefore, dotted all around the site, are some solar powered path lights : they light enough to show you the way, but do not distract from your view of the planets. Each light is independant, with its own solar panel and batteries, which are recharged every day by the sun. They have built in sensors and light up at night, and switch off automatically during the day.