School Scholarship fund


The Grand Fond village, Dominica, Pre School Scholarship Fund .
The Project : To provide a pre school scholarship fund to enable more children from our local village, Grand Fond, to attend pre-school.

Education at a young age is crucial, and unfortunately many families in the village are unable to afford the US$200 per year that it costs to send their child to pre-school. Here at 3 Rivers, we recognised this problem during in 2006, during an inspiring day with the children and teachers at the village school.

On Wednesday 21st June 2007, at the Pre school tea party to celebrate the island’s pre school month, the first two 2 year scholarships, amounting to US$800 / EC$2000 were presented to the pre school head teacher. It also turned out to be a celebration of the pre school choir winning the island singing competition! These scholarships have been funded by client donors, and 3 Rivers Eco lodge, and it is hoped that they many scholarships will continue to be awarded as the project grows.

We are proud to facilitate another project with immediate and direct benefits to the local community.

See some pictures of the Miami University’s visit to the school in 2006 on that inspiring day. Click here to the photos.

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