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Hi, my name is Jem Winston, born & raised in south east England. I am the dreamer, founder & managing director of 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, and I welcome you to Dominica.

I first discovered Dominica in 1990, during my years of  backpacking, in my early 20’s, and fell in love with the place instantly. That love has never faded, and I am proud now to also be a Dominican.After my backpacking days were over, I returned to England to save to buy land in Dominica, to fulfill my dream of living in The Nature Island of The Caribbean, Dominica. I drove a taxi for a few years, doing several other little jobs on the side, saving and saving. During this time my brother expressed an interest in joining the project, making it a real possibility.

So it began, on an overgrown banana plantation, in a remote part, of a remote island in the Caribbean; now my home, The Commonwealth of Dominica.

Click here to read my full story and the history of the ecolodge

My name is Lincoln Thomas and I am from the nearby village of Petite Soufriere, one of the most unspoiled villages on the island.
I mainly work up in the forest, but you may well see me around the main property too ; whatever you need, let me know and I will sort it for you.
lincoln thomas
prince abraham Good day ,I am Prince Abraham, from the picturesque village of Petite Soufriere, and I do a little bit of everything around the lodge. Anything you need – I am your man, and I also sometimes do tour guiding if you would like me to show you around our beautiful island
We are Steve & Petrolina Andrews, from Grand Fond. As well as running the food service at the lodge, we also run a bar and disco in our home village of Grand fond. feel free to come and free up with us in the village any time. Steve and Petralina Andrews
 Kersel Evans Hey, my name is Kersel Evans. I am around just to help make your stay that extra special bit memorable.

I like to help out with a little of everything around the eco lodge; thinking of your every need.