the real vibes band

If music is your thing, then Dominica is a worthwhile place to spend some quality time.
Wherever you go, music fills your ears.
If the natural music of the birds and the animals is not enough, then the musical vibes of the people will satisfy your needs.
On the buses and in the streets a variety of music can be heard : calypso, reggae and local folk music.
Most villages have a few of their own bands, and they can be heard in many of the local village bars. Each Dominica village also has its own ‘feast’ which is a music and dance extravaganza.
Carnival time is at the end of January / beginning of February.

A good time for music lovers to visit Dominica is for The World Creole Music Festival during the last weekend of October. The festival is now in it’s 12th year and had become a major Caribbean event. The main festivities are in Roseau. It is a 3 day event. Details of the line up can be found on the World Creole Music Festival official website.


Sucroze is a local band from Petite Soufriere that plays everything from Reggae to Soca, transiting through Zouk Love and Compa. And so0me of our staff are in the Real vibes Band from Grand Fond. We are lucky at 3 Rivers to host them regularly, where their musical talents join together guests and the local community.

Once you have heard their music, if you want to hear more, you can contact us if you want to buy their Cd.

Click here to listen to Sucroze – Distribe. This is a 3 Rivers exclusive !!

( or to download, right-click and choose “Save as…”)